In this world, many people look at religious beliefs of every kind, including Christianity. More and more often, religious practices like weddings and funeral services, are popular in religions. Christianity is the belief that, upon death, all followers of Jesus Christ will share in the eternal life with him and his Father, in heaven.

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The life of Jesus

The Christian religion is just over two thousand years old, founded by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Born to Joseph the Carpenter and his wife, Mary, Jesus lived a humble life with his parents until he was thirty years of age. Following these years, he gathered a group of disciples about him and began to live the life of a travelling preacher. He told many stories and parables, outlining the difference between good and evil, generosity and greed, and holiness and sensuality. He also performed miracles, which included healing sick people of their afflictions and raising a man from the dead. He forgave tax collectors and prostitutes, but stressed that all men were liable to sin.

Radical Christianity

Two thousand years ago, the people that Jesus lived among found his words and deeds very radical. At the time, Jerusalem was part of the Roman empire. The Roman soldiers and the Jewish officials that had been appointed by the Romans to govern the people, feared Jesus. Believing that he was going to oust them from power, they conspired to bring charges against him and eventually, crucified him. But Jesus cheated death by appearing among his followers, three days after his execution. The followers of Christ grew in number until Christianity as a religion, was born. Today, all followers the religion exercise a number of rituals that mark them as belonging to the communion of saints.

The power of Christianity

To be a Christian is to be part of a special community. Public holidays, like Easter and Christmas, are imbued with special meaning over the media portrayal of material indulgence. When a member of a Christian community is in trouble, other Christians come to his aid, helping him materially if need be. Christians celebrate life occasions together, like christenings and weddings. When a Christian dies, his relatives and friends hold a Christian funeral service and bury him, knowing that they will join him one day in eternity.

The essential teachings of Christianity

The teachings of Jesus are quite simple. Worship his father, God, and no other god. Lead a good life, with no lying, cheating or stealing. Shun all excess and sexual wrongdoing. Do the kind things to other people that you would like people to do to you. Share your excess goods with the poor and forgive your enemies. See no difference between you, your friends and people of a different race or colour. If you can live within these guidelines, then you have a hope of sharing in the eternal life with God and the saints in heaven.